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WikiCheat is a Wiki-based Cheat Repository for Computer and Video Games, active between 2003 and 2005. It is considered to be the forerunner to Gamescodex.

History of WikiCheat[edit]

The original concept of WikiCheat was dreamed up in November 2002. In the plans it was described as a "human-editable Cheat Repository for Video and Computer Games throughout the world." In 2003 the plans were copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike UK: England & Wales licence to Trojan Productions, a game-making community. Trojan Productions later renamed themselves "Hangman, Inc", and after a new website launch, two of the founders created a subdirectory of their site and started work on WikiCheat. (It should be noted that Hangman, Inc was never an official company, and the name was later changed again to avoid legal trouble and to better define the community)

WikiCheat started off very basic. As a subdirectory of Hangman, Inc's main site, it shared webspace and bandwidth with the site, limiting it's capacity. To make matters worse, the original design of WikiCheat did not use Wiki software at all, instead using a Forum Software called SMF (Simple Machines Forum) which had been skinned and heavily modified to act similar to a Wiki. (The founders later claimed that at the time they were unable to find a working Wiki software for the site, and using a Forum made things easier.) Nevertheless it managed to obtain a small number of regular visitors, making it relatively successful for it's age. However, the software's limitations took its toll on the site, as it was soon having database and bandwidth trouble.

Hangman, Inc. redesigned its website in 2004, and with it a redesign of WikiCheat was created. This time, the site was made using MediaWiki software, the same software that runs many other Wikis such as the infamous Wikipedia and our own Gamescodex. The new design was since re-copyrighted under an updated Creative Commons licence.


In 2005, after numerous comments from users that the Wiki would be better if they talked about the games as a whole and not just list the cheats for them, the WikiCheat project was suspended. In 2006 new plans were written up for what would eventually become Gamescodex, and WikiCheat was removed from the server. It should be noted, however, that WikiCheat was never officially shut down, nor was their any announcement that it was being discontinued. Since the plans still exist and are still copyrighted, there is a belief that the site may be resurrected, but the founders have claimed they do not have the time or desire to do this any time in the near future.