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This is the official Team Codex Staff Account!

This account is the main Administrator account for Gamescodex, and is jointly used by all the Gamescodex Admins and Web Developers for the purposes of developing, maintaining and moderating the Wiki. It also serves as a central focal point for all staff-related matters. This account is also used when posting important site announcements, so that decisions that were made by the entire staff team are credited as such rather than to any particular individual.

This account also incorporates our official Talk page. If you have any need to contact the staff, you can leave a message by visiting the Talk page, located by clicking "discussion" above or going to User talk:TeamCodex directly, and following the instructions on the top of that page. This service is open to everyone and is offered in good faith.

Note that some members of Team Codex may additionally have their own accounts on the Wiki beside this joint one, for various reasons. These accounts may also be Administrators. A full list of staff accounts will be made available in the future for quick reference.

Bureaucrats, Moderators and non-Staff members do not have access to this account, for obvious reasons. Instead, these users will have their own individual accounts, which will have relevant permissions for their rank. For more information, consult the information pages for each rank.