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Pokémon Pikachu

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Pokémon Pikachu (Japanese: ポケットピカチュウ Pocket Pikachu) is a series of mini Game Boy-like devices that have features such as virtual pets, pedometers, slot machines, and, in the later models, an alarm, presents, and a high card/low card game.

In the United States, the original release was simply Pokémon Pikachu. Later, Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS could be purchased.

In Japan, the original release was simply Pocket Pikachu. Later, Pocket Pikachu Color could be purchased.

In Europe, the only release was the Pokémon Pikachu Color. It came out at the same time as the Pocket Pikachu Color (in Japan) and the Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS (in the US).[disputed]


The unit is strapped onto a belt and used as a pedometer. Every 20 steps the the unit registers give the user 1 "watt", which is a currency that can be used to gamble or buy Pikachu presents. As Pikachu's Happiness goes up (similar to the system in Pokémon Yellow), more activities are available. If neglected however, the Pikachu will become angry and not respond to anything the user does. Pikachu will also do activities based on time. For example, turning on the device soon before 8PM, you may find Pikachu taking a shower, brushing its teeth, or getting into bed. Pikachu will also eat from time to time. Shaking the device during eating or sleeping will make Pikachu angry, and its happiness will drop. Watts can either be sent as a gift to other Pokémon Pikachu Units (later versions), or to the traditional games via Mystery Gift (see below).

Pokémon Pikachu/Pocket Pikachu[edit]

The original was in a Pikachu-Yellow case, and only had the Pikachu Virtual Pet, Pedometer, Present Giving, and Slot Machine where "Watts" could be gambled.

There are no differences between the US Pokémon Pikachu and the Japanese Pocket Pikachu, except the name, language and retail areas.

Pocket Pikachu Color, Pokémon Pikachu Color, and Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS[edit]

The Pocket Pikachu Color; Pokémon Pikachu Color; and the Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS were all sequels to the original Pocket/Pokémon Pikachu(s). These new models had extra features such as colour LCD screens rather than the black-and-white screens of previous models (hence the name); alarm composers; and a new high-card/low-card gambling game (the addition of this game, however, meant that the slot machine was taken out).

ポケットピカチュウカラー 金・銀といっしょ! Pocket Pikachu Color: With Gold & Silver!
The Pocket Pikachu Color only differed from the other versions in the matters of colour choices (see below) and again, language, retail areas (Japan) and name. It had a clear case, but there were also blue, gold, silver and clear blue colour choices that were limited edition.
Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS
The Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS unit has an infrared port that is capable of communicating with the Generation II games via the game's Mystery Gift option, which is utilized using both the infrared port on the Pokémon Pikachu and the infrared port on the Game Boy Color. This was to be able to trade the Pikachu's watts for items in the game. Though there is a limit to how much the Mystery Gift option can be used on the traditional game cartridges, the game's only limit to transfer in the number of watts of the unit. There is also unlimited trading of "Watts" between Pokémon Pikachu Units.
Pokémon Pikachu Color
The Pokémon Pikachu Color is almost exactly the same as the Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS, except that it lacks compatibility with the traditional games due to their not being released yet in Europe when the Pokémon Pikachu Color was released, and it was only released in Europe.


  • Pokémon Pikachu is also:
    • an item in Animal Crossing, though it is only a quest item, and the player cannot interact with it.
    • a treasure in Wario Land 3.

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Official Pokemon Pikachu FAQ (Nintendo)

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