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Pack-in game

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A pack-in game (or bundled game) is a game that is included with the purchase of a video game console.


Pack-in games are intended to be system-selling games that make good use of the positive features of a given system. Sometimes a pack-in game will be changed to a more popular game, or another game will be added, along with the original pack-in, if it is perceived that a newer game will sell more systems. Pack-in games generally are not well-received by critics, though critics tend not to focus on these games, since pack-in games come with no charge.

Pack-in games are often the most plentiful games at used game shops.

Alternate-format pack-ins[edit]

In the cases of Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Mario All-Stars, and Belgian Xbox 360s/Gears of War & Project Gotham Racing 3 were added as free mail-in offers. Other systems have included pack-in games on a built-in chip, such as Solitaire for Game.com.

Sega's Alex Kidd in Miracle World is one of few games to use more than one of these methods - the original game was released as a cartridge and bundled with many Sega Master System consoles, but was later patched and released as a built-in game for the Sega Master System II.