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Mario Remix Boss Edition Strategies

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This article discusses strategies for the game Mario Remix Boss Edition. Refer to the original article for information about the game.

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The bosses and how to beat them[edit]

Mushroom Tier[edit]

The Mushroom Tier is the lowest tier in the game. So you'd probably expect some really weak opponents in this tier - and you'd be right. But don't let down your guard!


From: Super Metroid & Metroid Zero Mission

Attack Method: Alternates between spitting two fireballs at once, and roaring to drop bolders from the ceiling.

How to beat: Jump on it's head fifteen times. Note that Crocomire will damage you if you are touching his body at any time, except while roaring after a hit.

Hint: Until the tenth hit, every time you damage Crocomire, the spiked wall at the left of the screen will move right. Use that as an indicator of how many more jumps are needed!

Whispy Woods[edit]

From: Kirby's Dream Land

Attack Method: Apples drop from his branches; blows a strong wind to push you away from him.

How to beat: Jump on his root (the brown thing in front of him) seven times.

Hint: Moving right when Whispy blows wind at you will allow you to stay put.

Drill Robotnik[edit]

From: Sonic the Hedgehog

Attack Method: Drives from one side of the screen to another, killing you if he hits you. A drill will rush towards you when he is offscreen - jump it to avoid damage.

How to beat: Jump on Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) nine times.

Hint: Jumps while the wheels are glowing white won't count. You can usually get him twice each time he's on screen.

Gravity Man[edit]

From: Mega Man

Attack Method: Shoots at you twice, jumps at you. He also jumps onto the ceiling and walks on it for a while, continuing to shoot at you, before returning to the ground.

How to beat: Jump on his head eight times while he is not crouching.

Hint: Gravity Man cannot be attacked while on the ceiling, and is also invincible while he is crouching.


From: Super Mario Advance

Attack Method: Spits giant eggs at you.

How to beat: Jump on it's head nine times.

Hint: Robirdo never moves and only spits one egg every few seconds, making it the easiest enemy to beat.

Coin Tier[edit]

A good combination of weak and semi-strong Bosses await you in the Coin Tier. While most of the Bosses are still rather easy to beat, you will need to use some strategy to beat the others.


From: Castlevania

Attack Method: Teleports to a random point, opens his cape, shoots either three fireballs or a Dark Magic Ball from his cloak, and repeats.

How to beat: Jump on his head eight times.

Hint: The Dark Magic Balls always aim high, so they will always miss if you are not using a power-up or you duck. Therefore, it may be better to bring Life Mushrooms as an alternative to regular Mushrooms if you are finding Dracula difficult to beat, as they will allow you to take a hit and remain in the game without using the other power-ups.


From: Kirby's Dream Land

Attack Method: Fires lightning bolts below him, occasionally swoops along the ground and then returns to the sky.

How to beat: When Kracko is sweeping along the ground, jump on top of him. You will need to do this 8 times.

Hint: When Kracko swoops along the ground, he always moves from left to right. Stay on the right side of the screen and time your jumps to avoid damage and hit him all the time.

Flame Robotnik[edit]

From: Sonic the Hedgehog

Attack Method: Emerges from the lava in the gap closest to you, and fires a flamethrower towards you, before descending into the lava and repeating.

How to beat: Jump on top of the flamethrower nine times.

Hint: When the level starts, stay where you are until Robotnik emerges. Then jump onto the Flamethrower and, when you bounce off, move to the left of the gap. Jump back to the start once Eggman has descended, and repeat this. Flame Robotnik will never move and, as long as you jump accurately, you will have an easy victory!


From: Super Mario World

Attack Method: Just runs from left to right and back. You get hurt if trampled.

How to beat: Jump on its head fifteen times. Note that Wiggler gets faster after five hits, and becomes enraged (making it even more faster) after ten hits.

Bright Man[edit]

From: Mega Man

Attack Method: A random choice between:

  • Jumping towards you
  • Shooting once at you
  • Temporarily covering himself with electricity
  • Turning out the lights and jumping about

How to beat: Hit the bulb on his head 8 times while it is not lit. Note that hits while the room is darkened do not seem to count.

Hints: The best time for an attack is just as he's landed from a jump. Also, Bright Man's body shines white and the bulb glows while electricity is passing over it. Don't hit him while this happens, or Mario will get hurt!

Flower Tier[edit]

Things get rather tricky now, as the opponents in this tier have new ways of attacking that are harder to avoid or predict! This tier also contains the first multi-boss battle in the game - try pitting your wits against both Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine!

Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine[edit]

From: Kirby's Adventure

Attack Method: Mr. Shine (moon) throws moon-shaped blades, while Mr. Bright (sun) throws fireballs and occasionally glows white and lunges at you. Both also jump around randomly at random times.

How to beat: Both bosses must be jumped on seven times.

Hint: The bosses do not share their health, so you can concentrate on one to get rid of it before going for the other.


From: Metroid Zero Mission

Attack Method: Its claws detach from its hand or body cavity. The hand claw flies randomly around the level, while the body cavity claws always move straight.

How to beat: Jump on the top of its head fifteen times.

Hint: This is actually a very easy boss. Just jump to the top platform closest to it, and from there keep jumping on its head.

Fireball Robotnik[edit]

From: Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Attack Method: Fires a large fireball from one of the three cannons attached to his flying machine.

How to beat: Jump on the glass dome (on top of the machine, where Dr. Robotnik is sitting) eight times.

Hint: Fireball Robotnik flies in a curve from the air to the round and back into the air, though the tightness of the curve varies. It's always best to go for the jump when he is at the lowest position to the ground.

Fire Man[edit]

From: Mega Man

Attack Method: Shoots a large wave of fire towards you. The wave does not leave the floor and is the same size as Super Mario. He also jumps occasionally.

How to beat: Jump on his head six times.

Hints: Fire Man is actually the weakest boss in the game, in terms of both Stamina and Strategy. Use a Freeze Flower and freeze yourself when he uses his fire wave to avoid damage - the rest is pretty easy.

Cloud Man[edit]

From: Mega Man

Attack Method: Summons either thunder to hit the point you are standing, or wind to blow you towards the gap in the floor.

How to beat: Jump on top of him eight times.

Hints: The wind summoned by Cloud Man is actually less effective than what Whispy Woods blows at you, so just hold right to counter it. To avoid thunder, when Cloud Man changes colour quickly move away from the spot.

Feather Tier[edit]

This tier contains some of the more unusual enemies in this game, and their attack styles differ wildly! Be prepared as there are some tough opponents here!


From: Unknown (Metroid?)

Attack Method: Spits Fireballs from his trunk, which then jump along the floor towards you, but they do not last long. At random times a row of six fireballs will also fall from the sky and through the floor until they go off-screen and are destroyed. Phantoon also disappears and reappears elsewhere at fixed intervals. Only the Fireballs appear to harm.

How to beat: This is tough. You must jump on his single eye a number of times.

Hints: Phantoon likes to hover up in the air, beyond the maximum height of your jumps; and since there is nothing to give you a leg-up on this stage this means it is often impossible to attack him at all. In these cases, you must wait until he disappears and reappears - often he will come down lower and therefore make himself vulnerable.

Air Man[edit]

From: Mega Man II

Attack Method: Jumps to where you are standing, then performs one of two attacks: a "mini tornado" attack which causes a number of small tornadoes to appear at different heights and move in a straight line towards you; or he uses the fan in the middle of his body to pull you towards him. He will then either choose to jump again, or make a second attack, and the process continues. Touching Air Man anywhere except the head, or touching a mini tornado causes damage.

How to beat: Jump on his head six times.


  • As soon as he jumps, move away so he doesn't land on you, and try to get some distance between you and him.
  • Air Man takes a lot of time to decide his next move, so take advantage of this. He is most vulnerable as soon as he has landed from a jump.
  • Air Man's "pull" attack is much more powerful than the wind-based attacks used by earlier enemies. The trick is as soon as you notice the fan spin, hold the button away from him. But keep your distance as you will still get pulled back slightly no matter how quickly you react!
  • The mini tornadoes never touch the ground, so if you stay small and don't jump, or if you duck, you should avoid them all.

Unlockable Bonuses and how to unlock them[edit]


To unlock: Collect 5 Dragon Coins. One of the flying clouds on the main menu will change to a door labelled MINIGAMES, click it to go there.

Effect: Gives you a choice of three minigames you can exchange your Dragon Coins for to play. Each minigame allows you to collect coins to buy items with in the main game.

Star Tier

To unlock: Defeat any 15 opponents.

Effect: Unlocks the "Star Tier", giving you five more enemies to choose to battle.

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