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Gamescodex:Why Register?

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Gamescodex was created with a goal to become a comprehensive resource for everything to do with gaming, regardless of form, popularity or geographical location. However, this is not a project that can be done quickly and effectively with just a handful of people. For Gamescodex to succeed, we need lots of people from lots of different locations, each able to contribute a little of their own time and effort to our project every now and then - and help other similar contributors - to allow Gamescodex to grow and become the useful resource we envision it to be, with a strong community behind it all the way. To encourage the public to get involved with this vision, the majority of Gamescodex is "OpentoEdit". This means that visitors are free to contribute anything they like to any article within Gamescodex, without the need to register to our website or give any personal details.

However, not every feature of Gamescodex can be this open - some areas of Gamescodex are particularly sensitive and may be easily abused if they were made open to everyone without restriction, and there are some security and other concerns that must be addressed to. Therefore, for parts of Gamescodex where "OpenToEdit" is simply not viable, we require registration to allow you access and to ensure we can keep things running smoothly for everyone.

What non-registered people cannot do

  • Skip the "Bot Check". To make sure Gamescodex does not get filled with useless "spam" articles, or malicious content or links, spread by computer programs designed to cause such inconveniences, Gamescodex requires users to correctly answer a question each time they make a change to actually save the changes. The questions are randomly generated each time to prevent these programs "guessing" the answer. However, registered users do not have to do this, because we already know they're human!
  • Avoid IP Bans if they don't have a static IP. For security purposes, and to prevent vandalism, Gamescodex traces the IP of visitors who contribute without being logged in. IPs that regularly vandalise topics will be banned for a period of time, meaning everyone who uses the same IP will be banned from contributing. This can sometimes lead to innocent people being blocked however, as some IPs are used by multiple computers in public locations. Registering to Gamescodex lets you get around these blocks.
  • Edit articles with sensitive information or that are vandalised often.
  • Hide your IP from an article's Edit Summary and when using signatures. Registered Users have their user name shown instead by default; and can also set a custom signature in their preferences.

Other Advantages of Registering

By Registering to the site and logging in whenever you visit, you can be free of all the disadvantages listed above. You can also enjoy a wider range of features, including:

  • Write your own profile and tell people whatever you want them to know about you! Your profile page can be found at User:Your Username Here.
  • Get credited for your work! Any changes made to an Article or Discussion page by a Registered User, automatically has their User name appear in the Edit Summary of that article, so people can see what you've done and thank you for it if they want! You can also write your own signature to appear when you click the signature button or type ~~~~ into any page!
  • Set up Gamescodex the way you like it! Logged in users have access to a multitude of options that you can change as you like, so you can tailor your experience to your own tastes and "have it your way" each time you stay logged in!
  • Send:
    • Private Messages to another registered user, which only the two of you can see!
    • Public Messages - by editing a Registered User's "User_talk:" page, you can send them messages which anyone can see!
  • It's free to register! That's right, registration takes no money out of your pocket and gives you all these benefits - what better reason could there be to join?