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In Gamerpedia, a Project (which can also be named a WikiProject or a Group) generally refers to a group of editors that want to work together as a team to improve the Wiki. Projects can exist for numerous reasons, but are usually created to manage and coordinate efforts on a specific type of article within the Wiki; for example, our oldest project, Project Strategedia, manages and coordinates Strategy Guides, Hint Articles and similar advisory pages.

A project page should not have articles added to directly - they should remain a part of the main Wiki, merely linking to the related projects they are a part of. Instead, the Project pages should be used as resources to manage those groups.

Projects are still very much under construction and there is a lot of ongoing discussion regarding how they should best be approached, how the pages should be laid out and so on. While most of these discussions are currently going on in private, many may be taken into a public or semi-public forum for wider feedback in the near future, most likely when there is a more active community to discuss them with.