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Gamescodex:Dos and Donts

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Gamescodex:Dos & Donts
GP:Dos and Donts

Gamescodex has certain expectations of what to see from its users and visitors; and the articles, pages and comments they provide. In lieu of a proper Rules list, which is still under construction, the Staff of Gamescodex have been working together with the most active Gamescodex users in order to create a list of guidelines for everyone to follow.

This page is one of the results of those discussions (the other being the introduction you may see on your User talk pages some time after you register, which was severely cut-down in response to user advice). The below is a list of official "Dos" and "Donts" that provide the basic guidelines for people viewing and editing Gamescodex. We ask all users to keep them to mind in order to make their contributions as helpful as possible.

  • Do try to write in a professional and neutral tone. This is an encyclopaedia, and all encyclopaedias are intended to go into as much detail as possible about each topic they discuss, so that as many bases are covered; while at the same time remaining neutral, stating just the facts and avoiding opinion unless it is required.
  • Don't think you have to write like a University Graduate. While we appreciate the more intellectual tone, we still want the articles to be readable by laymen as much as possible. We also understand not everyone is a master of English. So try to write smartly, but always stay at the level you're comfortable at.
  • Do leave the complicated stuff until last. Start all new articles with a simple summary of the topic, then go into further detail, or introduce the more complicated matters, in the next section or sections.
  • Don't write like a three-year old. Messages like "OMG THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVAR", "d15 15 1337" and so on just make you - and the wiki - look silly and are prone to deletion. You may get warnings if you keep writing immaturely.
  • Do keep in mind that Gamescodex is a public wiki. Keep the tone of your articles, User pages, and other messages, appropriate for a general audience. This doesn't mean you have to stick to G-rated language (if there's good reason to use the more vulgar words), or act like a nanny all the time - but try to be respectful.
  • Don't disrespect the other members, or unregistered visitors. They're here to help and to learn, just like you.
  • Do make the article relevant to the topic it discusses. Ideally, the actual thing being discussed in the article should be named within it somewhere within the first few sentences. If you're talking about Chess, for example, the word "Chess" should appear somewhere near the start. To ensure this rule is stuck to, and to make sure people notice it, we ask that you bold the first time you use the term. This is the only time we require you to bold something, so do us a favour.
  • Do write names in Italics.
  • Do add your own formatting if you think it helps make the page more readable.
  • Don't go overboard. Too much bold, italic, underline etc. is just annoying and is prone to being removed.
  • Do be bold... but not too bold. If you think something is worth doing, just do it, but keep it civil. Wikis like ours develop faster when everybody helps to fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure wording is accurate, etc. How many times have you read something and thought, "Why aren't these pages copy-edited?" Gamescodex not only allows you to add, revise, and edit articles: it wants you to do it. This does require some amount of politeness, but it works. You'll see. Of course, others here will edit what you write. Do not take it personally! They, like all of us, just wish to make Gamescodex as good an encyclopaedia as it can possibly be. So break the rules on occasion! Make a change, even if you don't think it's that great. There's always someone who can help make weak content better; and if there's ever any dispute, well, that's what Talk pages are for!