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Here at Gamescodex, we feel that users of our site should never be forced to take a penny out of their pocket just to find out useful facts or become a part of a wider community. Gamescodex is designed to allow anyone from any background to both read and contribute information to a constantly-growing project, without any barriers to stop one particular group from joining in - and by keeping the site free for everyone, we feel this goal is better achieved.

However, nothing in life is free; and Gamescodex still has to pay money on a regular basis to allow it to keep going - things like paying for hosting; renewing the domain so that www.gamescodex.net can keep on being used; software maintenance and so on. We also have corporate costs to cover being partially owned by WPS Interactive, Inc. All these add up to quite a hefty chunk of change; and it's not always possible for us to foot the bill entirely on our own. That's why we need your help.

If you are kind enough to want to show appreciation for our work in keeping up this huge, public project and you have money to spare, please consider making a donation to help support the site. Your donation will go towards covering the costs mentioned earlier and will help to keep this service thriving. Thank you!

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