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Gamescodex endorses Discord as a publicly-available chat platform for talking to other users online. Discord is a gaming-orientated chat platform supporting both textual and voice chat, in a simple and friendly interface. It can be used both through the browser, and via dedicated PC and mobile apps. By joining in with the Gamescodex Discord, you can communicate in real time with Gamescodex visitors, members, Staff and gamers in general; and share your thoughts publicly and privately with one another.

The following steps explain how to join and start using our Discord; how you should conduct yourself while inside; and how to identify members of Team Codex (the staff of Gamescodex) who may also be there.

Getting Started

The following sections detail information you should know if you have not used Gamescodex's Discord before. Please read through everything here at least once.

Joining the Discord

The simplest way to join the Gamescodex Discord is via our permanent invite link, [1].

General Rules

The most recent copy of the official rules governing the Gamescodex Discord server (and all rooms within) can be found in the #rules channel after joining the server. New members should start off in this room, and existing members are encouraged to regularly refer back to it in case of any changes.

The below is the general ruleset that was written as of the formation of the Discord server, and provide a general set of rules that should always be followed:

  • Messages should primarily be in English. Try a translator if you don't speak English well.
  • The kind of language used by each member of the channel, as well as the user's chosen nicknames, should be kept appropriate for a general audience.
  • Though any kind of topic is allowed to be discussed within #Gamescodex so long as it is appropriate, we particularly support topics involving gaming, technology, entertainment and general friendly banter. If we feel a discussion is deviating too greatly from the channel's main purpose, we may ask people to move on to another subject of discussion.
  • When discussing a game, company, website or so on, do not blatantly advertise. After all, "other alternatives are available"; and Gamescodex is an encyclopaedia, which by definition should be impartial.
    • This does not mean you are banned from discussing games, companies, products, websites etc. at all - you must just simply stick to the facts. For example: don't claim one product or company as "better" than another; don't stick with discussing the same item for too long; and if asked where something can be bought, don't just talk about a single merchant or show a preference to one.
  • Messages that are difficult to read are frowned upon, and will result in punishment if they continue. These include, but are not limited to: messages with excessive formatting; colour schemes that are hard to read; unnecessary use of CAPITAL LETTERS in the message or part of the message (including individual letters of words where not needed - so "nInTeNdO" is also ruled against); too many abbreviations, or unclear English.
  • Inform a member of Team Codex if any above rule is broken. You can do this by messaging any Staff member in the Channel at that point, or by posting a complaint on User_talk:TeamCodex. If it happened a while ago, or no staff are online, take a screenshot of the offending message and include it in your report. (Not sure how to take screenshots? The instructions and videos at take-a-screenshot.org may help!

Staff Presence on the Gamescodex Discord

All of the individual members of Team Codex have their own Discord accounts, which they have made completely individualised to themselves. This is to allow all the staff to be online at the same time and to allow them to just be themselves. Official Team Codex accounts are marked as "Team" or "Admin" and will appear separated from all other users on the server. You should not believe anyone who claims to be Staff for Gamescodex if they do not appear under one of these groups. Further, there is NO combined group account! Discord is not designed to facilitate account sharing. Anyone claiming to represent the ENTIRE Team Codex IS A FRAUD! Report such users to us immediately via our Staff Talk page or by PMing an active Staff Member on the server.