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Codex Contents

In the Games Codex, there are two ways to look up information. You can either search the Codex for the information you need, or just browse casually from one page to another.

  • You can search for information on a topic by typing it in the box and selecting Search.
    • Or, if you already know the name of an article for which you are looking, simply type it into Gamescodex's Search box and press Go to go to it directly. (If you press Go and no page matching the given name can be found, then Gamescodex will do a search instead)
    • Gamescodex will also suggest article titles it thinks you may be looking for as you type into the Search box; so if you are not sure what an article is called or how to spell a word, just start typing what you know and read the suggestions given.
  • If you would like to look around the encyclopaedia to see what is on it, use the Contents pages. Using an index is a great way of finding your way around, and Gamescodex has lots of them, including a complete alphabetical index and indices by category.
    Links to all of Gamescodex's main contents pages are presented below, and they in turn link to the more specific pages.

Gamerpedia's indices

Alphabetical indices

Categorical indices

More Contents pages will be available soon...