If you've seen a genuine article being vandalised, don't edit the change out unless it's minor or you have new information to add. Instead, edit a previous, non-vandalised version from the history or roll the article back to that edit - this way, information doesn't have to be constantly republished.
For cases of major vandalism or new articles being created with spam content, please post on User_talk:TeamCodex with the offending article so it can be brought to a Moderator's attention, if you cannot deal with it yourself.


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This is a catalogue of all the Site Announcements and news postings made over the life of Gamescodex, maintained on a single page for quick reference and for historical purposes. This page only shows news from March 2011 onwards - some months before the renaming from Gamerpedia; when the site was relaunched with new software and a new database structure. News related to older Gamerpedia website can be found at Gamerpedia:Sitenews.

Most Recent News

August 16, 2019

Following the launch of our Discord Server in November, Team Codex have been looking into further integrating the chat platform with our Wiki. We're pleased to announce that as of today, if you are in our #general chatroom, you will now see notifications about new articles and edits posted throughout Gamescodex. Never miss a beat!

August 15, 2019

Gamescodex has just undergone a huge upgrade, bringing it bang up-to-date with current Wiki standards; overhauling our spam prevention techniques; and introducing all new features!

November 11, 2018

In one of a series of moves to modernise Gamescodex for a new era, as of today Team Codex have officially launched a new Discord server, allowing our many readers, editors and donors to communicate with one another in a modern, gaming-oriented voice and text chat platform. This move follows the depreciation of our IRC Server, which is no longer in operation. You can find out more about Discord and how to join our server at Gamescodex:Discord, or through the link on the left side of each page.


December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Gamers! To prepare Gamescodex for 2013, the site will be taken down for a short while later tonight to upgrade software and add-ons to their latest releases. Sorry for any inconvenience caused; and see you on the other side!

Later that day...

Happy New Year, Gamers!

After a short downtime, we've completed the updates to the main Gamescodex software; and the site is now back and ready to see in 2013 fresher and better than ever! The new updates bring numerous security and stability enhancements as well as a few minor feature changes, so we hope you find using the site even more satisfactory.

Some issues may present themselves due to out-of-date plugins, but we hope to tackle these shortly. Please let us know if you find anything on the site that isn't working as expected, by posting a link to the broken page(s) and instructions on how to recreate the problem, on our official Talk page: User_talk:TeamCodex. We will then deal with these as soon as we can.

September 13

Following a recent server move, Gamescodex and its many articles were rendered inaccessible via its usual address owing to server misconfiguration. This led to "File not found" errors or 500 Internal Server Error messages for 99% of our users, although using http://www.gamescodex.net/gp/index.php?title= instead of the usual links continued to function normally. This issue is now resolved and we apologise for the long amount of time it took to resolve the issue and any inconvenience resultantly caused. We hope we have succeeded in implementing a fix which will ensure such issues will no longer occur in future.

August 2

(updated September 13, 2012)

Gamescodex has seen a number of articles and Talk Pages - including the Staff's own - become vandalised by spambots recently; and we've also had to block creation of a large number of non-valid articles purely for spamming or promotion purposes. The message is clear: Gamescodex's existing spam prevention technologies are failing.

As a result of this, Gamescodex is implementing many changes in order to help better combat Wiki vandalism. Our aim is to prevent or reduce spam to manageable levels that will take less manual interaction to deal with sensibly, as we're sure everyone has better things to do then to keep rolling back or editing articles to fix them; and we can't keep on rolling back the database every day - who knows when something could go missing?

First of all though, a number of new rules:

  • Any articles that take the name of an existing or proposed future article and add /id to the end is now banned; the software will refuse to allow them to be saved or edited. Should such an article be created despite the blocks, please contact Team Codex to get it deleted ASAP. We have found such articles to be a common creation for Spambots.
  • Other than the owner of the page in question, or the person who first added the comment being edited, users may NOT edit existing text within a User Talk page (except to fix mistakes in language or add a missing signature); but instead, should add new comments to the page using the already available "New Section" feature (available by clicking the + tab on top of any talk page or using the keyboard short-cut ALT-SHIFT-+), so the comments get placed at the bottom of the page without altering existing text - or if you want to reply to existing comments, edit and type underneath the comment you want to reply to and start the reply with : to indent it. Edits to existing text, without good cause, may be removed. (Italics represent an edit to the original rule to clarify its intention)
  • We highly recommend all edits have a quick edit summary explaining the purpose of the edit, for quick future reference.

Along with these new rules, we are making a number of changes to the software itself to hopefully respond better to future bot attacks. These include the introduction of blacklists, which will prevent articles being posted containing links to advertisement companies or inappropriate websites; articles with names that are rude or inappropriate for our Wiki; as well as preventing the registration of new users with names commonly used by spambots and actual users who have spammed similar wikis to ours, or where the names are just plain inappropriate.

We will also over the next few days look into our "Are you a human?" validation for anonymous edits. The current system generates a random gaming-related question from a bank of available options each time an anonymous edit is made, with a specific answer attached to each, which must be answered correctly to submit the article. The idea was that by increasing the size of the bank constantly and having no predictable pattern to the questions being asked, bots couldn't simply "guess" answers and submit the articles. But unfortunately, that's just what's happening. The bots are figuring out what's being asked and answering them even though they shouldn't know. Therefore, over the next few days we will be retiring this system and looking into potential alternatives, to see if there's one that will work more reliably without causing significant user inconvenience.

May 8

On Saturday, the Gamescodex Wiki software was upgraded to the latest version; bringing security enhancements, bug fixes, better gender identification and other new stuff to Gamescodex. Unfortunately, the huge number of changes in the latest version caused a few issues with add-on content used to enhance the Wiki's feature set.

One thing that you may have noticed was the missing login/registration page. This was not actually broken; but was the result of a misconfiguration of a plugin we use to allow users to be renamed, which was quickly solved. Logins and registrations should work now; if you still have problems, please leave a message on User_talk:TeamCodex for support.

Unfortunately, another problem were a little more serious. Our WYSIWYG editor, which allows users to write and format articles and see them exactly how they want them to be seen, does not work with the new software due to major architectural changes. Since the developers of this editor no longer support it and a new one has not yet been made compatible with the new release, Team Codex have been forced to make the difficult decision to remove the feature completely until further notice. We apologise if this causes anyone inconvenience.

Finally, you may notice a small amount of gibberish at the top of our Main Page. This is due to a function we use to check for Javascript support by the user's browser also breaking in the recent update. We hope to have this fixed very shortly.

Thanks for everyone's patience and hopefully we're now through the initial teething problems; and can take advantage of a modern and up-to-date Wiki Encyclopaedia ;)

April 7

The Codex Team would like to apologise for not so far fulfilling their previous promise to publish documentation for the {{infobox_game}} and {{infobox_pairedgame}} templates. Due to Staff having other commitments, there has not been much time available to write and publish documentation for such a detailed feature of our Wiki, which is why it's taken so long so far - for this, we humbly apologise. We intend to begin working on the documentation shortly and have it published in basic form as soon as we can.

February 18

For those of you who have been paying attention, with the re-branding to Gamescodex some months back, the Codex Team has had a public call-out to get a new logo designed to represent both the new name and be a more appropriate reflection of the site's purpose, something our previous logo failed to do. After receiving a total of six considerable submissions, in January this year we started a page here on Gamescodex to get public opinions on each; this became the Gamescodex:New Logo Ballot, the intention being that once we had enough public feedback, the Codex Team would be able to form decisions on with designs to ditch and which to take forward, after which a final debate on the eventual logo design would begin.

The deadline for this first stage of debate, 14 February 2012, has now passed. Based on the feedback we've received, only two designs seemed to be identified by the public as worthy of potential consideration - masterj1337's Cog design; and Supriz's "World in a bubble" design. With these being the only two regularly receiving votes, after some discussion Team Codex decided not to perform a second round of discussions with some designs removed - as we'd basically have to either throw out four designs and keep just the two most voted; or decide which to keep when there is nothing to separate them - and instead make the final decision ourselves on the two designs picked.

We're pleased to announce, therefore, that we have decided to declare Supriz's design as the winner; and his logo will from today take pride of place as the official site emblem for the entire Gamescodex Wiki. Supriz has been contacted to congratulate him; and we hope you'll be just as pleased with the decision as we imagine he will be once he hears of his success.


December 6

Though it has never been documented, a select few articles within Gamescodex have for the past few months made use of a specialist template, known as "Infobox game", to make the articles more useful. Created by using the tag {{infobox_game}}, this special template was designed specifically for videogame articles. It added a table to the right of the article by which it is possible to include the box-art and quick information about the game being discussed within the article, with each field being changeable within the article with little hassle involved.

Today, the template received updates to fix issues with the design and make it more customisable. The new template allows for up to two ratings to be shown for each game, or one rating and a content advisory section - though more can easily be added by using the
tag to create new lines in the same cell. It can also now automatically create thumbnails of the box-art without needing to use any special formatting; simply by specifying the file name of the image and a caption to appear underneath it.

In addition to the updated template, a second Info box template has also been created. This new Info box, named "Paired Games" and used by the tag {{infobox_pairedgame}}, works exactly the same as the previous template and is used in the same way, but contains additional fields named "boxart2" and "caption2" for adding a second image below the first in the template with its own caption. This is especially useful for games that have two distinct versions that are often sold together, for example Pokémon games, to allow the same article to cover both games and show the box-arts of both versions; though it can be used in any situation where a game has two distinct looks that would be useful to distinguish between.

For a good example of how the template can be used, check out Xevious for the single game template and Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions for the paired game template. Documentation for using both templates will be written up in the next few days, to allow all of our users to take advantage of the brand new templates and make their articles more detailed as a result.

November 15

Team Codex have updated the sidebar on the left side of every page, adding to it a brand new "contribute" section. This section contains helpful links to articles which will help new or new-ish Gamescodex visitors, who would like to contribute to Gamescodex but aren't quite sure what to do, to gain more of an understanding of how Gamescodex works; how to use its various features; and the kind of behaviour we expect from our contributors. We hope this helps out a large number of our less-informed visitors and members.

Of course, there are more ways to contribute to Gamescodex than just writing things - just take a look at the "Ways you can help!" section, in the top-left box of the Main Page. This was also updated earlier this week with further methods to contribute to the site - such as uploading files, and Project Strategedia.

You can also contribute some money if you're feeling especially generous and have a little to spare. While Gamescodex will always be a free service for anyone and everyone; and we have no intention to beg for money or make you have to give us some, the fact is that hosting, domains and so on are not free. That's why Gamescodex now has a Donate page, so those of a generous nature can, by their own volition, give us a little cash (or a lot, if they so choose) to help maintain the service and keep it thriving.

That's all for now. Don't let us distract you from playing your favourite games; and we hope you'll read or post more articles soon ;)

October 31

Gamescodex.net is live!

Gamescodex has officially launched today at its brand-new domain of www.gamescodex.net/wiki - thereby completing Gamerpedia's rebranding to Gamescodex. Following this launch previous domain of http://gamerpedia.sanitarium.fm is being retired and will become non-functional in the next few days. Thanks for everyone's patience in this lengthy process!

October 15

Gamescodex may have intermittent downtime over the next few weeks, as we prepare the site for its move to a brand new domain (our first ever!) and perform necessary software updates. By the end of this month we hope to launch Gamescodex at its brand new address of www.gamescodex.net - which will also complete the rebranding of Gamerpedia to Gamescodex. This will eventually replace the existing http://gamerpedia.sanitarium.fm and hopefully be more convenient for everyone. In the meantime, sorry for any inconvenience caused!

April 6

The WikipediaBased template has been updated today to make it more useful. For those of you who weren't aware, WikipediaBased is a template that, when added to an article, marks that article as having originally came from Wikipedia, and links back to the original. It is required for any article for which most of the content came from Wikipedia, for licensing reasons, and articles that copy most of the content from Wikipedia without using this tag get deleted.

The new WikipediaBased template is smaller in file size, which means it loads faster, so it won't weigh down articles that include it. But the main change is that we have improved the way the links back are created by the template; and now, you no longer need to replace spaces with underscores in article names longer than one word - you can now place spaces in the tag without breaking the link! In fact, you can now write the title of the article exactly as it would appear on Wikipedia, and it'll work normally. This should make it easier to reference back to the original works. It also means that the links will actually appear normal in the articles, instead of having weird symbols and underscores (you can still use underscores as spaces, but it's not recommended).

Another usability tweak: Gamescodex now supports interwiki linking, meaning that you can link to a page on another wiki without writing out the entire link, like you would with most external websites. For supported wikis, you can now write the links just like it were a link in Gamescodex itself - the only extra thing you need to do is add the wiki's name, followed by a colon, before the name of the article to link to. So to link to Wikipedia's homepage, you'd just type [[Wikipedia:Main Page]] in your article where you wanted the link to appear, and so on. A full list of supported wikis can be found in the MediaWiki User Manual.

The Gamescodex:Tags page has now been updated with information on all these new changes and how to use them, so do please check it out, especially if you plan to contribute to Gamescodex on a regular basis. The Tags page is a help page that details all the templates and other tags you can use in Gamescodex, which are very useful in making articles more helpful or helping to exercise good quality control over the Wiki, so if you have not read it before, give it a look over now - it could be really helpful!

April 4

It has come to our attention that a number of images from articles originating from before the site relaunch, are not showing up on the site despite existing on the server. This appears to be the result of not every page being imported.

We are in the process of re-uploading the missing images and creating their pages so that they start showing up on the Wiki, but this will take some time and we may not have identified every missing image. So please bear with us if you see articles with images that appear to be missing.

In other news, Team Codex have been working on some small improvements to our main page which are now live on the site, and should make getting around a lot easier. We hope it helps!

March 22

Team Codex have been hard at work trying to make the new Gamescodex wiki even better, and we've just put a whole bunch of brand new features online. First is our improved Search bar, which now searches more locations by default; and also offers suggestions if it finds articles with a similar title to what you're searching for. So it's much easier to find the stuff you want now. And what if you want to edit an article or create a new one? Well, writing articles and other pages is now a lot easier too, as we now have deployed a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, allowing you to write your content in a familiar Word-like interface, and post it to the site exactly the way you see it as you write it (for the most part - there are occasional glitches that cause it to not work correctly sometimes). This means it's now easier to add in references, create tables, add formatting such as Bold and Italics and more, and easier to visualise what it'll look like in the end. For those of you who are already used to using Wikitext and prefer to stick with what you know, a "Wikitext" button returns you to the old editor and lets you edit the Wikitext code for your page directly. There is also a link to disable the new editor if you find it completely unusable; and you can also set your preference in your preferences page if you're a registered user and are logged in.

Speaking of "logged in", Gamescodex is now proud to support the Mozilla Foundation's proposal for "HTTP Extensions for Account Management and Session Identification". If you are using Firefox, and have installed the Account Manager add-on, you can now use the prompts presented by Firefox to login or register an account on Gamescodex with just one click, making it even easier to get more involved. Note that both the actual proposal and Account Management add-on, as well as the MediaWiki integration for it, are both very much a work-in-progress; so expect to see some glitches, and we don't guarantee that logins and registrations made using this system will work perfectly all of the time. The final change is an anti-spam measure - occasionally, you may find yourself asked when editing or creating an article or page, to correctly answer a gaming-related question before the content can be submitted. The questions are randomised each time. The purpose of this measure is to prevent spam-bots - 90% of bots will not notice the question or not be able to answer it, so they will give wrong answers, which block the content from being posted to the site. This should hopefully mean less spam and offensive or malicious content gets posted across the Wiki. Registered users with a confirmed email address will not see or need to answer any questions, while others may be given one based on the actual content submitted. We hope this isn't too confusing for everyone.

Thanks for your time, and continue to enjoy and make good use of our Wiki Encyclopedia.

March 17

Welcome to the newly-relaunched Gamerpedia! We are pleased to announce that, after many months of uncertainty over the project, as well as many moves between various servers, web hosts and so on, Gamerpedia finally has it's own place on the net once again - and the project is back online!

All the articles from the previous versions of Gamerpedia remain on this server, as well as most of the templates, tags and so on. However, those are the only things that remain the same. You see, we've decided that Gamerpedia needed a fresh start after the long downtime, because our previous websites used out-of-date software and had glitches introduced by certain plug-ins; and also, it just felt like a good time to freshen up the project's image. So now, we have a brand new Wiki, hosted on a brand new server, with brand-new software. Naturally, since everything is brand new, we will need to set up some stuff to add back in the features that anyone who's used Gamerpedia or Wikipedia before will be familiar with - such as Citation notes, additional formatting tags, Dismissable Site Notices, etc, etc - but we'll get around to that over time. It also means everyone will need to re-register to contribute to Gamerpedia.

This will be the last time we mention any previous Gamerpedia website - as far as we're concerned, with this new wiki, Gamerpedia has only just begun; and there's no sense dwelling on the past. We hope that you enjoy the new Gamerpedia and find it a useful resource for all your Gaming knowledge, and hope you contribute your own knowledge as well to help grow Gamerpedia and make it even more useful for everyone.