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Gamescodex:New Logo Ballot

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With the re-branding from Gamerpedia to its new name in November 2011, Gamescodex was faced with one major problem - our old logo no longer suited the renamed website. As the old logo was designed by a former contributor who has long since disappeared, editing the logo was out of the question; as Gamescodex did not have the original source and it would be disrespectful to the original owner.

The irony is that earlier in the year, certain members of Team Codex were already expressing dislike for our old logo, due to its apparent focus on the video-gaming genre, which was felt to conflict with Gamescodex's vision as "a publicly editable Wiki for all types of games globally". It was felt that by making the logo less specific, it could attempt to cater for a wider range of game types and therefore suggest to the observer that Gamescodex encompasses a multitude of different categories of game and is therefore much more open to people's submissions.

It is simply bad practice in these modern times for a website to not have some identifying symbol to make it unique and keep it fresh in the memory, as it makes it difficult to differentiate the site in the wide open sea that is the Internet. Given all of the above factors, once it became clear that Gamescodex would need a new logo, the direction was obvious.

The design brief

Rather than directly employ someone to create a design for a new logo for Gamescodex, which would cause us to spend a lot of time to find a reliable source and would probably resort in Team Codex having to divert funds from the site to pay the eventual designer for the work - a move considered unsatisfactory, given Gamescodex is designed to be free and non-commercial - Team Codex decided that the best idea was to call on the very visitors and members of Gamescodex and its partner sites who have helped to grow Gamescodex to what it is today. So, the Team put out calls on both Gamescodex and the Forums of their partner sites to request help in designing a new logo.

The brief was straightforward, but lengthy. To be considered, any new logo design needed to reflect the purpose of the site - an encyclopaedia for games - or its social nature, but not focus on a specific branch of gaming. The logo also needed to have the name "Gamescodex" clearly visible of the design; and optionally the site slogan, but no other text. Any renders had to be free-use or have a licence that permitted general use, for legal reasons - to allow this to be checked, the image had to be submitted in its complete and a layer-separated form; and sources for renders MUST be supplied if not self-made.

The response was slow at first, but quickly spread like wildfire and eventually became rather impressive - Gamescodex received a variety of potential logo designs from various submitters, which after vetting created a number of potential choices for the Wiki.

The submissions

After vetting, six designs remained as potential candidates for a new Gamescodex logo. Based on the size and styling of the logos, these have been grouped into two categories: Logos, and Banners. Logos are designs considered suitable to go into the space in the top-left corner of the current design - generally these are squarish and narrow or can be resized such. Banners are typically wider, larger images that may require a different design to be used effectively.



What next?

Team Codex are having trouble deciding which logo design is most befitting Gamescodex; and we also want to ensure the final selection is something that the visitors will enjoy seeing. This is where you come in! We're taking the six currently accepted designs to a public vote, to hear from our regular visitors and contributors feedback on which they think would be best on the site and why - and anyone can join in!

Take a look at the designs above; and try to form an opinion for each; then decide which you think would suit us the most. Once you have decided, add your vote to the discussion page, by editing the page and adding your vote to the bottom. Try to stick to a style of post similar to the voting form below.

You may make up to two votes per person for your preferred designs - though you do not have to use both votes if you don't want to; and they are not required to come from different sections. The important rule is that you must explain the reason behind your vote, not just say what you voted for without explanation - otherwise it won't be counted. You are not required to leave feedback on ALL the logos, though - just the two you prefer.

Note that to prevent vote rigging, all votes must be signed and dated; which can be done easily and automatically by clicking the "signature" button on the editor. Alternatively, you can self-type or copy-and-paste the characters --~~~~ at the end of your vote to achieve the same effect. These characters have been included for you in the form below.

Voting Form

I would like to see '''(author)'s (logo/banner) design''' become the official Gamescodex logo. I believe this would work best for the Wiki because (explain your reason). --~~~~


The current deadline for votes is February 14, this may change in accordance with the number of votes received or in response to site events. Please watch this page for any changes as they may not be announced.