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Project Strategedia is a community-ran project, which aims to write comprehensive guides for each game within Gamescodex for which such articles would be appropriate. The intention of these articles is to allow people who are stuck at a game to have somewhere to go to find out what they need to be doing next, or to help them discover things about the games that they failed to notice before.

This project also allows people to post lists of cheats for video games, provided they are clearly marked as such. While cheating at video games is considered by many to be unethical or against the spirit of the games, Gamescodex realises that sometimes cheating is the only way to get the full experience out of the game, as it can allow access to hidden content removed from the final game, or remove difficult hurdles that can act as barriers to progressing in the game.

Since some of the content in Project Strategedia may be controversial, all articles within the project must be clearly labelled as such. This way they cannot be confused with the main game articles, and thus do not ruin the experience for players who hold a higher standard of morals in their gaming. It also improves organisation and allows everything to find its proper place automatically.

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