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Research has shown that long paragraphs are less tedious to read, and easier to understand, if there is a picture or clear diagram related to the paragraph nearby. Also things for which a written description is complicated to read or too open to suggestion (such as a logo) are often easier to understand if they are shown in pictures. For this reason, Gamerpedia asks that articles with a substantial amount of text and/or complicated themes, are given a fair number of pictures as well, in order to balance the article and aide understanding.

The following is a list of articles that members of Gamerpedia consider to be lacking enough pictures for the content. If you feel an article should be added to the list, edit the article and add {needpics} before the first line of the article, then save it to have it added here automatically.

If you have a picture for something within these articles, or are able to create one, you can help us by first saving it to your computer in a Web-Compatible Format (such as PNG); and then using Special:Upload to upload it to Gamerpedia. A full list of formats allowed by Gamerpedia can also be found there. After uploading an image, you or any other user can add it to the appropriate articles. For more information about how to use images in articles, refer to Help:Images.

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