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Greetings, MacaroniMan![edit]

And welcome to Gamerpedia, the Wiki Encyclopedia for Games around the Globe. The Gamerpedia Team thank you for your interest in the Wiki and are pleased to have you on board.

Now that you're a member, you are entitled to a few little perks on the website. First of all, why not introduce yourself to the other members by creating your own User Profile? You can view and edit your User Profile by clicking your name when you are signed in, or by browsing to the page User:MacaroniMan. You can write a User Profile just like an article on Gamerpedia - consider it your own personal space to do what you want with. Others who visit Gamerpedia can click on your name or browse to your user page to find out more about you, and you can do the same for them. You do not have to create a User Page and nothing will appear on it until you put it there yourself, so feel free to do as you like - it's your space, after all!

You also have a User talk page, which is this page here. When you are done reading this message, you can edit it out if you want to keep it clean. User talk pages are like a personal noticeboard. Anyone can leave you messages on your User Talk page; and you will get notified each time it is edited, so it's a great way to collaborate. You can also edit other's User talks in the same way, as well as contribute to your own. Further perks for registering are outlined on the page, Gamerpedia:Why Register?.

Gamerpedia Rules (read these before you start posting!)[edit]

Now, before you get started, it's vital you know some things about Gamerpedia. Gamerpedia has a few strict rules on the things we expect to see from articles. While no official set list of these exists at present, there are a few you should keep in mind. Firstly, always try to write professionally, accurately and neutrally - make sure everything you write is backed up by fact (and include references if you can); don't write like a three-year-old; and keep opinions away from the article unless there's a good reason to have them (such as a "Reception" section). Secondly, keep in mind that Gamerpedia is a public wiki - so keep your edits and new pages appropriate for a general audience (even your User page) and be respectful to the other registered users and unregistered visitors. Finally, a point of style. When writing a new article (or editing one that doesn't follow this rule), the name of what you're writing about should also appear in one of the first few sentences in the article, unless there's a good reason not to include it. Also, the very first time you write the name in article, you should Bold it, as well as Bold any other translations of the name if you included them. Elsewhere in the article, if you are referring to something else by name, you should write it in Italics. These are the only cases where formatting is required though, so for everything else, just do as you feel best. A full list of rules and guidelines for you to follow, written as a simple "Dos and Don'ts" list, can be found at Gamerpedia:Dos & Donts - do read through it at least once.

Some final comments...[edit]

You also may like to take your time to check out Gamerpedia:Tags. Gamerpedia uses a large number of templates and formatting tags - some unique to Gamerpedia - in order to help organise pages, bring attention to faults, or just add a little more useful stuff to your writings. The Tags page details all of the ones we have so far, including what they are, when to use them and how; and is a must-read for all new editors. It gets updated on an infrequent basis, so keep an eye on the News Postings on the Main Page in case any changes are mentioned.

One last thing I want to say to you: Be brave and be bold. When you think of something you think is worth posting here, go ahead and post it, even if you don't think it's that great. Feel free to break the rules on occasion if it helps you get your knowledge across. This is your workspace now too, and sometimes the most progress is made when you don't feel any weight on your shoulders. And never forget - this is a public Wiki, so even if what you wrote wasn't very good, someone can always come along and improve it later - and you can always return the favour too. So get your game on, and I hope we meet again soon! --J-Dev 17:47, 11 April 2011 (UTC) (This posting is based on a semi-automated template)