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Sneak n' Snore

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This article is about the fan game hosted at Mario Fan Games Galaxy, which is strongly based on a Mario Party 2 mini-game. For the Mario Party 2 mini-game, refer to Mario Party 2

Sneak n' Snore is a fan game for computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, featuring Mario and the Chain Chomp, both characters from the Mario franchise. It is best described as a puzzle game and is strongly based around the Mario Party 2 mini-game of the same name.

Brief Description[edit]

Sneak n' Snore was created by a Mario Fan Game Galaxy user adopting the pseudonym of darkfool99, for entry into the 51st edition of the site's regular Mini Game Competition (often just referred to as MGC). The author expressed much pride in finishing the game, saying that it was the first he'd ever completed; the game is thus listed on the site as having the completion level of "Full Game". The description of the game as posted on the site stated simply, "It's based off the Sneak n' Snore minigame from Mario Party 2. Enjoy!".


Oh no! Mario has been captured and imprisoned in Bowser's Chomp Fortress! This kooky castle is home to many Chain Chomps, all trained specifically to end Mario's game on sight! Time for Mario to activate stealth mode with a simple barrel! Help Mario break out of the fortress quick! (In-game instructions)


Outside of the castle walls that form the boundary of the level, each level in this game consists of at least four elements - Mario hidden inside a barrel, the door, a P-Switch, and a sleeping Chain Chomp.

The premise of the game is that Mario must escape the castle by opening the door and leaving every level without hitting an obstacle or being caught by the sleeping Chain Chomp. To do this, Mario must hit the P-Switch in each level to unlock and open the exit for the current level, and then touch the unlocked exit to complete the level and advance to the next.

To move Mario, the player presses the left or right arrow keys to move Mario in the appropriate direction. While holding one of these buttons, Mario sticks his head out and continuously moves in that direction. When the button is released, Mario ceases moving and automatically returns to hiding in the barrel. The Up arrow key allows Mario to jump a small distance upwards, and can be combined with another movement key for jumps to the left or right; but if Mario is only jumping upwards, he will not show his face.

The Chain Chomp guards each level and is trained to attack Mario on sight, thus forcing the user to start over the level. The Chain Chomp starts each level asleep, but wakes up every few seconds and remains alert for a short while before falling back to sleep again - the period of time each of these actions take are randomised, but the sleeping times shorten as the game progresses.

When the Chain Chomp is awake, if Mario is seen, the Chain Chomp shoots out towards him, destroying the barrel and causing Mario to shoot off-screen. This is considered a "death" and the user must restart the current level from its initial state. The Chain Chomp only attacks if it "sees" Mario, however. Since Mario only shows his face when moving left or right, jumping upwards or standing still does not arouse the Chomp's suspicions. Thus, one must move while the Chomp is sleeping, but anticipate when he will awake and ensure Mario is not moving left or right when the Chomp is alert.

Later levels introduce additional hazards that must also be avoided to complete the level. For example, bombs may be placed on the floor that explode on contact and also cause death. Most of these hazards are avoided by careful jumping, but for non-straight jumps, care must be taken to time the jumps so that Mario is not still moving when the Chain Chomp is alert. Some levels also contain lowering platforms, which lower over time and can prevent Mario from accessing certain areas of the level, sometimes making the level impossible to complete. Careful planning and timing are required to successfully clear the game.

Levels can also be restarted by pressing F2.

While games can be continued from the same level infinitely until it is completed, this is the only form of continue feature the game offers. Sneak n' Snore also lacks a save feature; thus, a game that is quit or forcibly terminated must be started over from scratch.



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