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Mario Remix Boss Edition

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Mario Remix Boss Edition is the second game in the "Mario Remix" videogame series, which consist of Mario fangames created by Phendrana.


Mario Remix Boss Edition is unlike traditional Mario games, in that the game is not a side-scrolling platformer, and there are no "levels". Instead, Mario Remix Boss Edition is all about beating bosses. As is the plot of the "Mario Remix" series, the bosses are not exclusively from the Mario game series, but also include bosses from Kirby's Dream Land, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and many other popular game series from the 1980s and early 90s.

A Battle against Robirdo. Mario (the player) has just jumped Robirdo's attack

After clicking "Play" on the games title screen, the player is informed of the game's controls. Once the player has read them, they must then click "Start" to continue to the game's Main Menu. The Main Menu contains a list of all the bosses that can be played against in the game, split in groups of 5 called "tiers". The last two tiers, Star Tier and Poison Mushroom Tier, are blanked out and must be unlocked to be played. The Main Menu also keeps track of the player's Coins and Dragon Coins, and offers access to the Item Shop and any of the unlocked secrets.

Once a player clicks on a boss' name, the game takes them to that boss. They then take control of Mario and must "defeat the boss" by jumping on top of them a number of times, without taking damage themselves. Each boss defends themselves in different ways - Gravity Man, for example, temporarily walks on the ceiling, out of reach.

Beaten bosses give the player five coins and one Dragon Coin, which are used to play minigames or buy items to help their progress. However, if Mario receives damage from a boss while not under the influence of an item, and does not have a Life Mushroom in his posession, then he is defeated. Defeat simply returns the player to the Main Menu to allow him/her to rethink their strategies and decide who to fight next. Damage inflicted on bosses is not kept once the player has returned to the Main Menu. However, all defeated bosses remain defeated until the player leaves the game.

The Item Shop[edit]

The Item Shop is accessible from the Main Menu as soon as the game is started. The player can exchange the coins collected in the game to buy items to help their progress. Up to six items may be held at any one time by the player, and all items are one use.

Purchasable Items[edit]

Mushroom Cost: 5 Coins

As is the tradition with most Mario games, when the player uses a mushroom, Mario grows in size. He remains at this larger size until damaged, at which point he shrinks to normal size. They are the cheapest defence in this game, but they also make it easier to be hit. However, Mario can "duck" while large to crouch down small in order to avoid certain attacks.

Life Mushroom Cost: 10 Coins

Life Mushrooms work differently to the other items in this game. They cannot be used by the player; instead, they are used automatically whenever Mario receives damage and is not using another item. Life Mushrooms allow the player to continue play against the boss - instead of Mario "dying", the mushroom disappears from the inventory and Mario remains in play. The effect of Life Mushrooms can be "stacked", so you can have two Life Mushrooms and receive damage twice without being defeated.

Ice Flower Cost: 15 Coins

A twist on the "Fire Flower" from the official Mario games, the Ice Flower is unique to this game. Using one causes Mario to grow, like the Mushroom, but it also changes his clothes to resemble a snow suit. The snow suit allows Mario to "Freeze" himself - making him fade to prevent damage - for as long as the player holds the D button. However, Mario is unable to move or jump while frozen. Receiving damage after using this item will shrink Mario and strip him of the Ice Flower's effects.


Please refer to the article Mario Remix Boss Edition Strategies.


Defeating any five enemies in the game will unlock a "Minigames" option on the Main Menu. In this mode, the player can exchange between two and four Dragon Coins to play one of three minigames. Following the rules of these games, the player can earn additional coins to buy items with in the Item Shop. The games vary in style and difficulty.