If you've seen a genuine article being vandalised, don't edit the change out unless it's minor or you have new information to add. Instead, edit a previous, non-vandalised version from the history or roll the article back to that edit - this way, information doesn't have to be constantly republished.
For cases of major vandalism or new articles being created with spam content, please post on User_talk:TeamCodex with the offending article so it can be brought to a Moderator's attention, if you cannot deal with it yourself.


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This is an Archive of all the site announcements, news posts and updates for the beta version of Gamerpedia - Gamescodex's original name before the rebranding in late 2011. The site mentioned below was active until mid-2010 and has long since been defunct; but we have kept these posts online for historical reference. Due to Gamescodex moving to a new server and database, as well as adopting its current name in the months following mid-2010, the articles below may refer or link to pages that no longer exist anywhere on the internet; and most posting here will mostly be irrelevant to the current Wiki.

All news regarding our current website can be found at GC:Sitenews. The below archives are locked to editing and will no longer be updated.


April 12

The Gamerpedia Forums haven't had much attention for almost a year now - neither from us, the Gamerpedia staff; nor you, our loyal users.

Time for that to change! Today, we made a few modifications to the Forums to freshen them up. Whole new sections have been added, including a whole new section, "Creativity", for showing off your fan art, creative writing and other stuff you've done. We've also altered the site's language file a bit, hopefully to make some badly-written dialogue easier to understand. And all dates on the Forums now include the year they were posted - previously short dates did not, making it too easy to revive year-old topics.

Those who thought typing out posts on the Forums was annoying because of the lack of a toolbar and a necessity to know wiki syntax to add any kind of formatting, image or link to your post; or those who are just new to the Forums and prefer to keep things simple: here's another update that's just for you! The CKEditor, used in most of our wiki to provide a Rich Text Editor that lets you write your stuff in a Microsoft Word-like WYSIWYG interface, is now present on the Forums! Now you can type your posts exactly as you want them to look, and can click a button to add various features as you like it! If you're already a member to Gamerpedia and want to take advantage of this new feature, you may need to enable it for yourself going to MemCP and clicking Board Options (or just click here), and answering Yes to "If the extension 'CKeditor' is installed, do you want this to be used in the forum?"

Also check out the new pm-inbox link, located near the top of the page to the right of "watch" (or "unwatch"). If you're registered to Gamerpedia, this link offers a quick way to check your Forum PM Inbox, and also gives you all the other messenger options such as sending PMs to others. Bet you forgot this feature existed!

Yep, Gamerpedia really does work hard to ensure everything is easy to access and easy to use, and that anything people don't use gets reworked to try to fix what people aren't liking about it. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour!

April 7

Our sitenews page has been moved to Sitenews , and can now also be accessed through the shortcuts Sitenews or GP:Sitenews . The page has been reorganised lately to make it neater and easier to search through. Our Main Page also has had a little bit of a design tweak. Hope you like the changes!

March 17

I have updated Gamerpedia to a new version of the Mediawiki software, 1.15.2. This release fixes a major security flaw and some other minor bugs - please visit MediaWiki's website for more details.

This was a minor update and only really changed a couple of files, so I'm not expecting the upgrade to have made any noticable changes to the site's functionality or to have caused any new problems. In fact, in my tests, everything works just like it did before the update. As always, though, if you find something wrong with our website, please get in touch.

March 8

Have you tried to contribute to a Wiki before, whether it be Gamerpedia, Wikipedia or any other similar site, but found it overly confusing or user-unfriendly? Then this update is for you!

Gamerpedia has just implemented a Rich Text editor called CKEditor. What this means is now, when editing or creating an article, you can choose to use a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editbox that offers a simpler way to make an article look exactly the way you want. The editor is designed to give you the same kind of feel and functionality of using any typical word processor, and even supports keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+B for Bold, etc. It even gives quick buttons for adding references to an article and setting where the footnotes appear. Hopefully, you'll find this a LOT easier! As a matter of fact, I wrote this article in CKEditor, so you can guarantee it works!

Since this editor may not play friendly in certain areas, such as templates; and because some of you more used to editing Wikis the normal way may prefer to stick to what you're used to, we've made this a toggle-able option. When editing a page, just click "Enable rich editor" to start using it, or "Disable rich editor" to stop using it if you are already. Registered members also have the toggle, but you can also set your preferences in the "misc" section of "My Preferences" (you must be logged in, obviously). Also, one final note. Be aware some parts of the editor may be slow if you haven't used them before, so be patient.

At Gamerpedia, we are committed to making things as simple to use for the greatest majority of our public as is physically possible. This is the third part of our journey. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour!

January 20

It's been a while, but today I announce some major improvements to Gamerpedia!

First of all, thanks to some brand new code we received lately, Gamerpedia now supports references and citations in articles. This means you can now add footnotes and references to each article - a feature that was heavily requested by some of our users. Learn how to use references in the Help section. Note that at the moment, to get references to show, you will need to add a section for references to the end of each article and then put <nowiki><references /></nowiki> there; but I'm hoping to remove this requirement in the future.

Secondly, to help with the organisation of Gamerpedia, in the coming weeks a number of projects are going to be founded on the site which will each be focused on a certain area of Gamerpedia's development or in bulking up Gamerpedia with certain types of content, in order to gear up growth of the site. The idea of splitting Gamerpedia up into projects like this, is that it allows current and future editors to focus on either one or multiple parts of Gamerpedia, by simply focusing on one or more different projects - or none of them, if that is what they prefer. It's completely up to you. Already the basics have been set up for one such group, "Project Strategedia", which is involved in writing Strategy Guides. More information about this will be made available later, or you can check out its Category page.

Finally, just a personal observation. Is it just me, or does everything in Gaming World seem to hit off around March time? I ask because on Gamerpedia's Current Events page, practically every major upcoming event in gaming is happening in March, including the releases of Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver in both Europe and America (with only a 12-day gap!), and the release of the DSi XL, among others. Don't believe me? Feel free to check out the page for yourself! Oh yeah, and don't forget to add any extra events to this page if you know of any! After all, the sharing of information is what Gamerpedia is all about.


December 12

At Gamerpedia, we are committed to making things as easy to use for people as possible. In lieu of this, here's our latest update to site accessibility.

Like our new Contents page? This page offers a new way to get around Gamerpedia and find new content you may be interested in. Currently it gives the options to view all the different categories of articles and view the articles within them; or you can browse an alphabetical index and search for articles by the first one or two letters, or the first number, of their title, similar to that on Wikipedia. (There is also a link to those articles without categories, although these should be fixed to make them easier to find.) Further methods of browsing Gamerpedia will be implemented in the future.

November 25

A problem has been discovered with Gamerpedia's thumbnail converter. For those of you who didn't know, when an image is uploaded to Gamerpedia, as well as saving the original image, Gamerpedia also automatically makes copies of the image in different sizes which get saved too - and it is these copies you see in the articles. This reduces loading times and saves bandwidth. However, we've discovered that extremely large images can cause the converter to crash and stop the thumbnails from being made. The image size required to trigger this bug is luckily very high and so should not cause a problem in the majority of cases. Also, for pictures that DO get broken in this way, you can simply upload a smaller version of the broken picture using the "upload new version of image" link on it's page, and hopefully this will fix it. If you notice a broken picture, please try to fix it, or leave a note somewhere for us to take a look at it.

In other news, the News Page has been updated to reduce confusion regarding the dates of some articles. The 'Contents' window has also been moved to the right and made to "float" (allowing text to wrap around it), so as to conserve more space on the page and make it easier to read.

November 19

The downtime is over!

Hey, it's J-Dev! I'm pleased to announce I've been able to resolve all the problems I've been having lately with my internet connection and am now back online. This means Gamerpedia's head Webmaster is back in business!

Anyway, time for the news. It turns out that for the last five or so months, Gamerpedia has been using severely outdated technology - the version of MediaWiki we were using was at least five releases old! Since the current version adds some new features and is more stable, I decided to dedicate an hour of my time today to upgrade Gamerpedia to the latest version. And I'm pleased to say it worked!

You shouldn't really notice much difference really, but Firefox users with the "Universal Edit Button Auto-Discovery" add-on (don't have it? Get it!) will notice that now, when you visit our site, there is a green pencil button on the right of the address bar. Clicking it will let you quickly edit any page of Gamerpedia you happen to be looking at right now. Behind the scenes, however, Gamerpedia is also now faster and more secure, which means a better experience for you all!

We have done extensive testing and this new upgrade seems to be working completely as intended right now, but there is always a chance we may have missed something and you could find a broken feature or messed up page somewhere. If you do, please let us know by contacting the staff via the Forums, or leave a message on my Talk Page, and we'll get right to it.

November 14

I've been able to temporarily borrow a modem from a friend, so I've returned for a short while to make a few minor changes to Gamerpedia. Firstly, I was just informed that our main affiliate, The PokeMasters, has changed their website address. I've updated our Affiliate Links accordingly. (TPM, if you're reading this - can you PLEASE inform me next time you do something like this?) Secondly, it seems one page strangely went missing from Gamerpedia recently - the General Disclaimer. This has been fixed. For people who haven't seen it yet, our Disclaimer basically states that Gamerpedia makes no guarantee of validity or accuracy of our content.

I'll see you all again later when I have a more permanent connection.

October 30

This is the Webmaster and main owner of Gamerpedia, J-Dev, with a quick message for our users. Unfortunately my local internet provider has screwed up connections in my area, and as a result, I'm currently without an internet connection and it may take a few days for the problem to be resolved. This means I may not be around for a while.

This does not affect the website in any way, and it should continue to work as normal. However, it does mean that outside of the usual user-contributed articles and edits, Gamerpedia may not receive updates for a while.

I will get back to you when all is well.

September 4

It seems the problem with reCAPTCHA was that it was failing to make a connection to reCAPTCHA's own servers to make sure the CAPTCHA was correct, or something like that. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a reason for this failure to connect, and reCAPTCHA's FAQ gave no help at all. I checked the set-up as well, and apparently it was set up correctly, so it's unlikely to have been a fault on my part. Based on this lack of a solution and the reduction of functionality this problem caused to our site, I've decided to ditch reCAPTCHA in place of another, similar service.

Instead of reCAPTCHA, Gamerpedia will from this point be using our own CAPTCHA service to protect our articles. Now, when you create or edit an article, you will be asked to solve a simple sum and type the answer, then save the article again. If you solve the sum correctly then the changes will be saved; else you will be given a new sum and have to answer and save again. The sum is random every time. This system is basic and probably less secure, but it should still keep out a number of spam-bots while keeping things simple for our visitors. As an added bonus, you will only need to enter this sum if you are an unregistered user - if you are Registered to Gamerpedia and are logged in, you can skip this step entirely. (This may change in future - we aren't sure yet)

Unfortunately this new system does not give an audio or other alternative for those with disabilities, so I apologise in advance to those of you have a visual impairment and may not be able to see the sum very well. As mentioned above, you can skip this step entirely if you register to Gamerpedia and then log in before or during an edit or new article. At the moment this is the only solution I can give, so I sincerely apologise if this discriminates certain visitors of Gamerpedia and I hope to be able to serve all of our audiences in the future.

September 1

Still trying to figure out what the trouble is with reCAPTCHA. However, I've noticed that while creating articles is glitched, editing articles is not. So if you want to add a page to Gamerpedia but find it isn't allowing you, just tell me and I'll create a blank page for you; then you can edit it and fill it in. Visit my User Page to find out how to contact me. (EDIT: Read above update!)

In other news, yesterday we added a new Tag to Gamerpedia. Called the "Tip" tag, this allows you to set a tool-tip to appear when a person mouses over a certain line of text. For information on this tag and how to use it, visit Gamerpedia:Tags

August 26

I've recently become aware that a problem with reCAPTCHA is preventing unregistered users from creating new pages. I'm investigating the problem now.

August 25

Wow, Gamerpedia just got it's 25th full-size article! If we include Stub Articles, that means there are now 34 Articles in total on Gamerpedia. Thanks to all our contributors and keep up the hard work!

August 7

When I set up the new Gamerpedia at the start of this year after having to move it from the original server, I imported all the original articles to the new site so we wouldn't lose content. It seems, however, that during the import, certain articles that contained pictures lost them. I've now re-uploaded most of the missing pictures so they are now back in their places. There's one I couldn't find, but since it was my own photo it should be easy to replace...

August 4

News Page Reorganised

Our News page was reorganised today for easier navigation. News Articles more than a month old are now categorised by the month they were posted - newest first. Meanwhile, articles within a month old are also put into the same category, aptly named "Less than a Month ago", at the top. You can also now narrow down the news articles in these ways by using the "Contents" links at the beginning of the article. In future, we may split the archive into separate pages, either by Year or by some other order, however any changes will likely follow a similar vein to these ones.

Also, to promote awareness of the Forums, we've added a new section to our "Latest News" box on the Main Page, called "On the Forums". This shows the five topics most recently posted in on the Forums, who last posted in them, and when - giving a very useful gauge of what gamers like you are talking about right now. Click a Topic's name to read it, and if you then want to join in the discussion, just fill in the form at the bottom of the page. We value your opinions!

August 2

Uploader Update

Since it was required for certain Public Domain pages which Gamerpedia uses, I've enabled the ability for users with Upload permissions to upload images with the .SVG file-type. This is in addition to the already permitted file-types. I've also allowed the upload of plain-text (.txt) files, just in case we need them in the future.

July 11

Our IRC Information page was slightly rewritten today, to fix some mistakes as well as add instructions on how to install ChatZilla on Firefox. This should hopefully help users who are not overly familiar with IRC or with the Add-ons system of Firefox.

In other news, Gamerpedia is now an official affiliate of The PokeMasters, a knowledgeable gaming community mainly focused on the Pokémon franchise. If you just have to know everything about Pokémon - from the games, to the anime, to the Trading Cards; past, present and future - then check out this useful website!

May 18

Gamerpedia has just received its 20th Article today (excluding stub articles) - which is pretty good going, considering that only weeks ago the site nearly died completely!

In other news, there's a new task for our Editors (and any visitors who want to volunteer). Gamerpedia has hardly any pictures on it's articles, despite the fact some articles could really use them. For this reason, I've now made a category called Category:Articles that lack pictures, which lists all the articles that we feel could use more pictures. Visit the category page for information on how you can help with this task, and how to add articles to the list.

April 20

Earlier this week it was reported that Gamerpedia was crashing every time someone tried to register to the site. When a user tried to register, they would be shown the correct form and be able to fill it in normally, but as soon as they clicked the "Submit" button, Gamerpedia would crash with a "socket error" and fail to register the account.

After some investigation, I have found the source of this problem. As I suspected, the problem was being caused by the new reCaptcha extension. It appears that in order to allow reCaptcha to work during registration I would have to set up Gamerpedia to handle registrations differently. Unfortunately I cannot understand what the hell I'm supposed to be doing! As a temporary workaround until I figure all this out, I've disabled reCaptcha for new registrations, meaning you no longer have to use it to register a new account. This should hopefully prevent the problem until I work out how to properly fix it.

To put it simply, you should now be able to register again and it will work this time. However it's not fully fixed, so if you still have any problems, just contact me.

April 12

A number of changes were made to Gamerpedia today, in order to make the User Experience better for our visitors.

Site Redesign

The first thing you may have noticed is the new look. After some user input by our visitors, I decided it was time to get rid of Gamerpedia's original "Monobook" style in favour of a more modern style. The reasons for this are numerous, but the biggest two were that visitors were finding the bright white colours of the original theme blinding, and to give Gamerpedia it's own identity. The new theme is also less graphic-intensive, so should be quicker to load on slower or unstable connections.

Security Update

On April 2, 2009, students at Brown University's Computer Science department launched a project dubbed "Graffiti Networks". The project was a research project determined to find out if using web space from numerous third-party websites would offer a solution to the short lifespan of file sharing in peer-to-peer systems. To do this, dummy files were encrypted into a jumble of data that was then posted as articles on unsecured Mediawiki projects. What would look like pointless graffiti would actually be an encrypted file that peer-to-peer services could download using your own bandwidth. The project was only for testing purposes and has now been shut down.

It turns out Gamerpedia was one of a large number of Wikis affected by this project. Graffiti Networks has offered this apology, posted on their main site for the inconvenience the project has caused and the defacement to our site has now been removed. However, the project pointed out a serious security flaw in Gamerpedia's editing system, in that there is no check for if a new article or edit to an article was actually written by a human. On advice of the MediaWiki community in order to fix this flaw, as of today Gamerpedia now implements reCAPTCHA in it's publicly editable areas.

reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. A CAPTCHA is a program that can tell whether its user is a human or a computer. You've probably seen them — colourful images with distorted text at the bottom of Web registration forms. CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from "bots," or automated programs usually written to generate spam. No computer program can read distorted text as well as humans can, so bots cannot navigate sites protected by CAPTCHAs.

From now on anonymous editing and the "Login" pages will be using reCAPTCHA. Currently you only are required to use it if you are registering a new account, if you make an edit to the page while not logged in and it contains a link, or if you try to login to Gamerpedia but fail the first attempt; but the coverage may increase in future if the need requires.

Forum Change

We're still looking for opinions regarding a proposed change to Gamerpedia's Forums. It seems there is a method by which I could abandon Gamerpedia's current forums in favour of phpBB Forums and still have a single login for both services. However it would cause the registration method to change and all our current users would have to re-register using the Forums. Feel free to share your ideas as to how plausible you think this sounds, or any other alternatives, by visiting our IRC Channel, leaving a message on my Talk page or PMing me if you are a registered member. See you!

April 5

Changes Coming?

We've had some new visitors to Gamerpedia recently, and with them we've been left some comments about Gamerpedia's website. Some people feel Gamerpedia looks too plain as it is right now, and have suggested we get a new look. I (J-Dev) am actually considering changing Gamerpedia's style, so maybe we'll see a new look very soon.

Some other comments I've been getting are about the Forums. Our current Forums are generated using an add-on that uses Gamerpedia's own technology to create and integrate the Forums to the main Wiki. However many people say this method makes the Forums look too basic graphically, and it seems some people have difficulty using the Forums as a whole, believing it to be very unfriendly. I've been looking for alternatives and it seems there is a method by which I could switch the site to use phpBB Forums and still have one account work on both the Wiki and the Forums. However it would cause the registration method to change and all our current users would have to re-register using the new Forums. How does this sound?

I'll be on our IRC Channel to listen to everyone's views. Anyone can visit our IRC, with no registration required - visit our IRC Information page to find out how. Members of Gamerpedia can alternatively send me a message using their UserCP. I hope to hear from you all soon! --J-Dev 00:12, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

March 17

We have just launched our official IRC Channel!

For all of you who have a taste for this kinda stuff, Gamerpedia has just launched an official IRC Channel, courtesy of BitsJoint-IRC. Here you can talk to me and other Gamerpedia users in a fully open environment. What you do is up to you - suggest improvements to Gamerpedia; share Friend Codes, PSN Nicknames and Gamertags away from our Forums; talk strategies for your favourite games - it's up to you! For info on how to connect to the channel, visit our IRC Information page.

February 27

Gamerpedia is going under a spot of reorganisation to keep everything neater and up-to-date. Today J-Dev decided to move all the news articles about the old Gamerpedia website to a separate archive, located at Gamerpedia:News/Oldsite. This change reduces the clutter on the News page and keeps it more up-to-date, while the archive itself makes for a good historical reference of Gamerpedia's past.

In unrelated news, the {{Stub}} tag has been changed to a more standardised format. Also, the tag must now be placed at the bottom of each page, instead of at the top of the appropriate section. For more information about this change please refer to Gamerpedia:Tags.

Finally, you may have noticed the new link on the navigation bar labelled, "IRC Information". Please ignore it for now, as the channel the page refers to is yet to go live. I'll explain more about the page at a later date, but let's just say, communication within Gamerpedia is about to reach a whole new level...

February 16-18

Gamerpedia is no longer in trouble!

You may remember that six months ago, Gamerpedia hit a spot of bother when changes to our original host's Licensing Terms threatened to force Gamerpedia to close. In an attempt to rescue the site, I backed up most of Gamerpedia's contents and tried to find a new host. And today, I finally managed it! So spread the word - Gamerpedia is back!

...Well, almost. I wasn't able to backup the database, so everyone will have to re-register to the site; and also, due to the site move, many extensions such as the Forums no longer work correctly (these will be restored very soon!) However all the articles have been successfully imported over to the new site, so none of the hard work you contributed to the original Gamerpedia has been lost.

I'll finish off the remainder of the site later on in the week, but for now, enjoy our new home!

UPDATE 18th February 2009: As of 11am GMT today, the Forums are back and fully functional. And for our registered members, Private Messaging has also returned - to use Private Messaging simply visit the Forums while logged in, and click MemCP.


October 22

GamerPedia is currently in a spot of bother. Our webhost has declared that there will soon be changes to the hosting platform. The changes will mean that the method by which web hosting is renued will be changed, and it could potentially result in all pre-existing sites needing to be re-registered.

Hopefully, I'll be able to move GamerPedia to using the new hosting platform without too much downtime, and there shouldn't be any changes to the site. Just to be safe, however, I've made a full backup of the site, which will allow us to move the site to a different server or host if needs be. (To be honest, I've been debating whether to switch hosts anyway, since there's been some problems with our current one recently.) So I guess what I'm saying is, the site may go down for a while, but we'll have it up as soon as we can.

October 5

The switchover to the new Forums seems to have gone well and everything is working fine, so we'll be opening the brand new Forums to the public later today. The new Forums should be easier to view and post, especially for those of you who have used Forums before on other websites; but you still access them in the same way - just click the "GamerPedia Forum" link to the left. All the other links to the forums work too.

One thing some of you may have noticed since 3rd October is the disappearance of the Personal Messages inbox. This was a feature from the old Forums and so we've had to remove it to install the new ones. Don't worry though, because we have a new and improved Personal Message System! To find the new PM System, go to the GamerPedia Forum and hover your mouse over the "MemCP" tab, then click "Goto PMs".

All in all, the new Forums should be a much better expirience, and we hope you enjoy them. See you soon!

October 3

Many people have been finding our current GamerPedia Forum rather confusing to use, and that it lacks certain important features. In addition, our staff have found that our Forums are much too limited and don't allow for proper access restrictions to be enforced.

To deal with this problem, we are attempting to switch to a brand-new Forum Software. To do this, however, the Forums will need to be taken temporarily offline to prevent any problems that may occur during data transfer. What this basically means is, you won't be able to access the Forums until we're done. We'll try to get it done quickly though, so watch this space!

September 7

Ok, faithful users, we're appealing to you for help! You may have noticed that on GamerPedia's Front Page, there's a box for "Current Events". Said box has been greyed out and disabled since our site went public, and it's been annoying some of us because of the space it wastes. So we've come to a decision that we need to use that box for something - trouble is, what? This is such a tough question for us that we're throwing it open to the public and letting you decide. That's right - we're letting you have a say on what you want to see on our site! Come to the official "How should we use the Current Events box" thread and have a look at what people think right now, then if you have an idea you want to add, register an account and reply! Your opinions will decide what happens, so don't lose your right to decide!

Also in the News today...

The Front Page has had a slight redesign to better explain GamerPedia. Hopefully that should help out some newer users...

August 22

Bureaucrats and SysOps have now been granted the permission to rename a user. This means that if somebody has registered a questionable username, you only need to go to a certain page and fill in a form to change it (for security reasons we will not disclose the link to the page, but Bureaucrats can find it in the list of links at Special Pages). This new permission comes thanks to a new extension added to the site.

August 14

To clarify the roles of Bureaucrats and SysOps in GamerPedia, an article has been written on each which give basic but useful information about the roles. People who have these ranks may also find them useful, as they can help you understand just what responsibilities you have to GamerPedia. View the articles by clicking on a person's Bureaucrat or SysOp link (or click the linked words here).

August 11

We've added a General Disclaimer to the site, which you can view by clicking "Disclaimers" at the bottom of any page. This basically states that we make no promise of validity or accuracy in any article, and cannot be held liable if the article is misleading, causes legal trouble, etc.

Also, we've just hit the 10-Article mark! This target was hit on 8th August and went completely unnoticed until now. Thanks to the contributors for all the contributions, and keep adding those articles!

August 4

GamerPedia has been rather quiet for the last month, with few visitors and article edits and no news. But today a random visitor noticed some inaccuracies in the article we have about Xevious, which included a claim that Japanese Xevious allowed twelve letters for highscores, instead of the actual number of ten. Not only did he edit the article, but he asked that we be more vigilant with our quality checks! Well, your wish is our command!

I've done a little editing to some articles myself, and have clarified some confusing text. This should help us to be a more accurate resource, so enjoy!

July 7

I've managed to fix the problem with uploads and thumbnails. Turns out it was a simple bug caused by the picture archieve being made unwritable after the backup, so I just had to make it writable again. So now thumbnails will actually be created if you add an image to an article and use "thumb", and registered users can upload pictures once again.

July 4

It seems the problem with images on our site is worse than we thought. Not only is the Upload script failing to upload pictures, but I just discovered that the 'Pedia is failing to create thumbnails for images as well! However, the thumbnail problem only seems to affect new images, not ones that already existed. I'm still trying to find the cause.

In other news, two new articles have just been added to the site, one for Pong and one for Computer Space - two of the first videogames ever made! I'd like to thank our contributors for their continued interest in the site, and please come back soon!

June 30

To our registered members: It appears the "Upload File" script is broken at the moment and will fail to upload files, claiming it "cannot create the directory". I'm going to look into this shortly, but for now please avoid using the "Upload File" option to add pictures or other files to our site.

If you MUST use a picture in an article and the picture does not already exist in GamerPedia, you can create a link to it. To do so, in the article type description where you want the link to go, replacing "http://url.for/some/image.png" with the link to the image, and "description" with a discription of the picture (can be blank).

June 25

GamerPedia is back!

Heh heh, sorry for the long downtime faithful users! It turns out my Hosting Partner's main database, which contained all the data for my website and thousands of others, got corrupted somehow and caused a glitch that deleted all of our websites! The websites were bought back online earlier today, but then GamerPedia's Database crashed too! I just managed to fix it all though, so here we are again!

Luckily for us, GamerPedia has suffered no data loss, so all our articles and help pages are still here. No need to rewrite everything, guys!

I'm doing some final tests to ensure everything works, and I'm gonna backup the whole site - including the database - later today to ensure that we don't have a problem like this ever again - or, if we do, we can recover quicker and easier. So don't worry about a thing!

UPDATE: No problems were found with the site, and the backup is now complete.

June 16

Previously, GamerPedia had no Language Policy, meaning that there was no official rule as to what languages could be used on GamerPedia or under what conditions. Due to many pages linking to it, however, and due to a number of requests asking what the rules were, our staff had a meeting today and wrote up our official policy which you can read at GamerPedia:Language policy.

The main rule that the new policy is enforcing is that all articles must be primarily written in English. This decision was made to save webspace and hassle, and maintain the organised structure of GamerPedia. We will NOT be reversing this decision, but if you feel that GamerPedia could benefit from having its articles in another language, why not request it in our Forums? We will discuss all suggestions thoroughly and if we agree that the new language is beneficial, and you or another member has the required knowledge, you may be able to start your own alternate-language GamerPedia as an official affiliate!

June 8

About ten days ago, we reported about our continued site improvements and mentioned how we were working on giving the Main Page a makeover. To recap the changes made so far, we've changed the top header to be a lot more stylish, added links to our Help Archieve, and made the "current articles" count is dynamic (it updates automatically without any editing).

We continued that makeover today and now our Front Page is now even better! The new additions come in the form of the four coloured sections you now see dominating the page. "Ongoing Work" explains everything that is being done or that needs to be done and "Latest News" shows the latest article in our News Archieve. There is also a section for "Current Events", which is disabled since we haven't finished that part yet, and a "Did You Know" section with facinating facts from our latest submissions, which is also unfinished.

Not only does this new approach make the Front Page more organised; all the sections are dynamic! That's right - all of the sections can be changed without having to edit any part of the Main Page! Which means working on our site is easier then ever.

That's all for now, but see you soon!

May 30

Continuing along the line of improvements to our site, the Main Page itself is now getting a makeover. So far, we've changed the top header to be a lot more stylish, and there are now links to our Help Archieve, a page about how to edit the site and so on. Plus the "current articles" count is now actually a live count, so it updates automatically without any editing. Now you can see just how useful our site is without us telling you ;-)

May 19

We have finally uploaded a Help Archieve to GamerPedia! Now, if you click the "Help" link on our navigation bar (left), you will be directed to a detailed Help File that will explain everything you need to know about using GamerPedia. Better than reading a "Page Doesn't Exist" error, eh?

Also in our latest additions to the GamerPedia: we've added a PM System! Now if you're a registered member of GamerPedia, you can send messages to other members and start talking privately to each other. With space to hold up to 200 messages at once, that could add up to a lot of conversation! Just sign in or create an account at GamerPedia, and once you are logged in click the "private messages" link. Enjoy!

April 14

To help maintain good quality standards within GamerPedia, we have now implemented warning tags. These tags offer an easy way for people to know if an article doesn't live up to standards - for example, if it contains not enough information, or it is biased.

Registered Users to our site can edit any of the articles on our site to add these tags (excluding Protected Pages). Go to Gamerpedia:Tags to find out what the tags are and how to add them.

Unknown Date

MediaWiki Bulletin Board was installed on our server, allowing our Registered Users access to a Community Forum! Check it out by clicking the "Community Portal" link to the left. Our contributors have also added two new articles to GamerPedia, and we've started a new category, Category:Cheats, so now you can add articles specifically about Cheats, Strategies and Hints for individual games. But please don't post any Hacks, Cracks or Exploits, they're against the law and we will have to remove them and ban you! (Don't post Action Replay, GameShark and CodeBreaker cheats either - these count as hacks!)